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Our Process

Commercial Construction

Project Initiation

Client Consultation:  Meet with the client to understand their electrical needs and project goals.

Site Assessment: Conduct a thorough assessment of the site, including electrical infrastructure, requirements, and any potential challenges.

Scope Definition: Define the scope of work, budget, and project timeline based on client requirements.

Electrical Design and Planning

Collaboration: Work closely with architects, engineers, and the client to develop a detailed electrical design that aligns with the overall project.


Code Compliance: Ensure that the design complies with local and national electrical codes and regulations.

Energy Efficiency: Incorporate energy-efficient solutions and sustainability measures into the design.

Project Management

Scheduling: Develop a detailed project schedule, specifying key milestones and deadlines.


Material Procurement: Procure high-quality materials and equipment from trusted suppliers.

Workforce Allocation: Assign skilled electricians and technicians to the project, ensuring a well-coordinated team.

Safety Protocol: Implement strict safety protocols to protect personnel, assets, and the environment.

Quality Assurance: Maintain a robust quality control process to uphold industry standards.

Construction and Installation

Wiring and Electrical Systems: Execute the installation of electrical wiring, circuits, outlets, and panels according to the design.

Lighting Installation: Install interior and exterior lighting, focusing on energy efficiency and aesthetics.

Technology Integration: Integrate data, communication, and security systems as required.

Regular Inspections: Conduct regular inspections to monitor progress, identify issues, and ensure adherence to the design.

Client Collaboration

Regular Updates: Maintain open communication with the client, providing progress updates and addressing any questions or concerns.

Change Management: Manage any scope changes or modifications, ensuring client approval and minimal disruptions.

Testing and Commissioning

System Testing: Thoroughly test all electrical systems and components to ensure functionality, safety, and compliance.

Commissioning: Commission the entire electrical system, including fine-tuning and optimization.

Final Inspection and Client Acceptance

Client Walkthrough: Conduct a final walkthrough with the client to review the completed electrical work.

Client Acceptance: Obtain client approval and acceptance of the finished project.

Documentation and Handover

As-Built Documentation: Provide the client with comprehensive as-built documentation, including plans and system details.

Training: Offer training to the client's staff on the operation and maintenance of electrical systems.

Post-Construction Support

Warranty and Maintenance: Provide warranties for workmanship and assist with ongoing maintenance and support as needed.

Client Satisfaction: Seek feedback from the client to ensure their complete satisfaction with the project.

Project Completion

Final Documentation: Close out the project with all required documentation, certifications, and permits.

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