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Our Process

Panel Upgrades

With GPS Electric's Panel Upgrade process, clients experience a seamless journey of transforming their electrical infrastructure with precision, safety, and efficiency. Client collaboration, timeline management, and stringent quality control are at the core of our commitment to excellence.

Client Consultation

Needs Assessment

We start by understanding the client's specific requirements, future electrical demands, and budget constraints.

Project Objectives

We collaborate closely to define the project's goals and expectations.

Site Assessment

Detailed Inspection

Our experts conduct a thorough examination of the existing electrical panels and infrastructure.


Load Analysis

We calculate the current and anticipated electrical loads to determine the scope of the upgrade.

Planning and Scheduling

Project Timeline

We create a precise project schedule, identifying key milestones and deadlines.

Resource Allocation

Our team carefully allocates resources to meet project requirements efficiently.

Skilled Workforce

Our skilled electricians and technicians are assigned to the project, ensuring efficient coordination and execution.

Panel Upgrade Implementation

Panel Replacement

We remove and replace outdated or overloaded electrical panels with modern, high-capacity units.

Component Installation

Circuit breakers, safety features, energy-efficient components, and other upgrades are meticulously installed.

Code Compliance

All work adheres to local and national electrical codes, prioritizing safety and regulatory compliance.

Quality Control

Rigorous Testing

Comprehensive testing ensures the upgraded panel functions correctly and safely.

Safety Assurance

We implement safety features, including AFCIs and GFCIs, to mitigate electrical hazards.

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Design and Proposal

Customized Solutions

We present a comprehensive proposal to the client, including project specifications, cost estimates, and timelines.


Budget Estimation

Upon client approval, we finalize the contract, ensuring clarity regarding responsibilities, timelines, and project expectations.

Contract Agreement

Upon client approval, we formalize the contract, clearly outlining responsibilities, timelines, and project expectations.

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Client Walkthrough

Final Inspection

A thorough walkthrough with the client is conducted to review the completed panel upgrade.

Client Approval

Client acceptance signifies satisfaction with the work and adherence to project objectives.

Documentation and Handover

Comprehensive Records

We provide the client with detailed documentation, including updated panel schematics and specifications.


Training sessions for the client's staff on panel operation and maintenance are offered.

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Post-Construction Support

Warranty and Maintenance

Provide warranties for workmanship and assist with ongoing maintenance and support as needed.

Client Satisfaction

Feedback is sought from the client to ensure complete satisfaction with the project.

Project Completion

Final Documentation: Close out the project with all required documentation, certifications, and permits.

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