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3D Site Scans

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Matterport's technology can revolutionize your construction processes, from capturing existing conditions to streamlining design and construction phases. Benefit from significant cost and time savings, improved quality control, and efficient issue resolution throughout your projects. 


Elevate your construction process with
GPS and Matterport.

3D Site Scanning

Experience Seamless Construction Collaboration with Matterport

Enhance your construction processes with Matterport's cutting-edge technology. Capture, record, and collaborate with unparalleled 3D visual precision, revolutionizing how you approach design and construction.


Design Phase:

- Record existing conditions

- Evaluate design and risk

- Conceptual and detailed design

- Convert to CAD/BIM files

- Estimate costs


Construction Phase:

- Monitor progress

- Ensure quality control

- Coordinate issues and RFIs

- Document milestones

- Provide safety training

- Commissioning and handover

- Compile closure documents


Key Benefits:

- Decrease in-person visits by 75%

- Reduce survey and BIM expenses by 70%

- Save 30% in costs and time

- Resolve 75% project issues without escalation.

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