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Design Build

Your Vision, Our Expertise – Illuminating the Future

At GPS Electric, our Design-Build services redefine the way electrical projects come to life. What sets us apart from competitors is our seamless integration of design and construction under one roof, offering unmatched advantages in efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and client collaboration.

With GPS Electric's Design-Build services, your electrical project is not just a vision but a meticulously executed reality. We are committed to driving innovation, efficiency, and quality, ensuring that every project we undertake transforms our client's vision into electrifying success.

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Our Design Build Services

Our experts go beyond being mere contractors; they are skilled dream-weavers, dedicated to translating your visions into tangible missions. From the project's inception to its dazzling completion, their end-to-end dedication will elictrify your unique vision. 

What Sets Us Apart

Welcome to the realm of GPS Electric's Design-Build experts, where the realization of your electrical projects is seamlessly orchestrated. Our Design-Build electric contractors possess the expertise to bring your visions to fruition efficiently and effectively. 

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Streamlined Approach

Our Design-Build model simplifies the process by uniting design and construction phases, fostering real-time collaboration and faster project delivery.

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Design Innovation

Our in-house design experts work closely with clients to create innovative electrical designs that align precisely with their vision and objectives.

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GPS Electric adapts to project changes and client feedback with agility, ensuring that the final product aligns perfectly with the client's evolving needs.

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Transparent Communication

We prioritize open and transparent communication with clients, providing regular updates and addressing questions and concerns promptly.

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Unified Responsibility

GPS Electric prioritizes effective communication, providing you a dedicated point of contact. This ensures a well-coordinated project,  minimizes risks, and offers a more personalized and responsive experience for our clients. 

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Time Savings

The Design-Build method accelerates project timelines, allowing for quicker project completion and earlier occupancy.

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Quality Assurance

By handling design and construction, we maintain stringent quality control throughout the project, ensuring the final result exceeds expectations.

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Cost Control

Our integrated approach enables us to manage costs more effectively, providing clients with greater control over budgets while minimizing change orders.

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Proven Success

Our portfolio showcases numerous successful Design-Build projects, reflecting our ability to consistently deliver exceptional results.

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GPS Electric's Design Build Process

GPS Electric's seasoned professionals offer a one-stop solution, overseeing both the design and construction phases, sparing you the complexity of managing multiple contractors. With an unwavering commitment to operational efficiency, they optimize processes, ensuring your projects are completed with impeccable timing and cost-effectiveness. 

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