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Our Process

Design Build

The Art and Science of Electric Design-Build
Electrifying Your Vision with Innovation

Project Initiation

Client Consultation

We commence with a detailed discussion with the client to comprehend their design build electrical needs, objectives, and budget considerations.

Site Assessment 

Our team conducts a thorough site assessment to identify unique project requirements, potential challenges, and safety considerations.

Scope Definition

We collaborate closely with the client to clearly define the project scope, outlining deliverables, goals, and expectations.

Design and Planning


GPS Electric collaborates with engineers, project managers, and the client to formulate a precise electrical design aligned with the design build project's overarching objectives.

Code Compliance

We ensure that all aspects of the design conform to local and national electrical codes, safety standards, and industry regulations.

Energy Efficiency:

Our experts integrate energy-efficient solutions and sustainability practices into the design to reduce operational costs and environmental impact.

Project Management

Strategic Scheduling

GPS Electric creates a detailed project schedule, pinpointing crucial milestones and deadlines to maintain timeline adherence.


Material Procurement

We source top-quality materials and equipment from trusted suppliers, ensuring that they align with project requirements.

Skilled Workforce

Our team of skilled electricians and technicians is meticulously allocated to the project, ensuring smooth coordination and execution.

Stringent Safety Measures

We implement rigorous safety protocols to safeguard personnel, equipment, and the environment.

Quality Assurance

Our robust quality control measures ensure that all work conforms to industry best practices and meets our uncompromising quality standards.

Construction and Installation

Wiring and Electrical Systems

We undertake the installation of electrical wiring, distribution systems, panels, and machinery connections in strict accordance with the approved design.


Installation of high-quality industrial lighting systems, including specialized lighting where needed, to enhance both safety and productivity.

Automation and Control Systems

We design, install, and fine-tune automation and control systems, ensuring seamless design build processes.

Regular Inspections

 Frequent inspections are conducted to monitor progress, address any issues, and guarantee adherence to the approved design.

Client Collaboration

Transparent Communication

GPS Electric maintains open and transparent communication with the client, delivering regular progress updates and addressing inquiries or concerns promptly.

Change Management

Any alterations or scope adjustments are managed collaboratively, with client approval and minimal disruption.

Testing and Commissioning

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Proposal and Agreement

Comprehensive Proposal

We present a comprehensive proposal, detailing project specifications, cost estimates, and a well-defined project timeline.


Contract Agreement

Upon client approval, we formalize the contract, ensuring that roles, responsibilities, and project expectations are clearly articulated.

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Comprehensive Testing

A thorough testing process is executed to verify the functionality, safety, and compliance of all electrical systems and components.


The entire electrical system is commissioned,
fine-tuned, and optimized to operate at peak efficiency.

Final Inspection and Client Acceptance

Client Walkthrough

A final walkthrough is conducted with the client to review the completed electrical work.

Client Acceptance

Client approval and acceptance of the finished project are diligently obtained.

Documentation and Handover

As-Built Documentation

Comprehensive as-built documentation, encompassing plans and system details, is furnished to the client.


Training sessions are offered to the client's staff, ensuring proficiency in the operation and maintenance of the installed electrical systems.

Post-Construction Support

Warranty and Maintenance

GPS Electric provides warranties for workmanship and extends ongoing maintenance support as required.

Client Satisfaction

Client feedback is actively sought to guarantee complete satisfaction with the project outcome.

Project Completion

Final Documentation

The project concludes with all requisite documentation, certifications, and permits appropriately finalized.

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