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Elevate your online experience with GPS Electric's Matterport integration, offering unmatched precision, user-friendly design tools, and enhanced collaboration. 


Matterport transforms spaces into interactive 3D models, providing comprehensive representation and insightful annotations. 


Step into the future of design technology with
GPS and Matterport.

3D Home Scan

Step into the Future of Design Technology with Matterport

Explore spaces like never before with Matterport's immersive 3D virtual tours. Elevate your online experience with GPS Electric's integration of Matterport's innovative technology, offering a new dimension of engagement.


What Matterport Offers:

Matterport transforms physical spaces into interactive 3D models, allowing you to navigate and understand designs remotely. It's used by architects, engineers, and construction professionals to enhance building processes.


Advantages for You:

- Unmatched precision and detail

- User-friendly experience

- Seamless integration with design tools

- Enhanced collaboration

- Improved facilities management


Key Features:

- 3D models for comprehensive representation

- 360-degree perspectives of sites

- Web-based access for easy review

- Interactive annotations for insights

- Multiple viewing options for convenience

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