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Horticulture Lighting

Cultivating Success with Precision

Experience the Radiance of Success with GPS Electric's Horticulture Lighting Services. Our comprehensive offerings cater to both homeowners and industrial clients engaged in indoor gardening, greenhouse cultivation, and horticultural ventures. 


Our seasoned experts understand the pivotal role lighting plays in plant growth, from initial design and installation to energy-efficient solutions and ongoing maintenance.

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Our Horticulture Lighting Services

With GPS Electric's Horticulture Lighting services, you gain access to a team of experts dedicated to cultivating your success. Our precision-driven approach, commitment to energy efficiency, and custom solutions empower your indoor gardening and horticultural endeavors to thrive, season after season.

What Sets Us Apart

With a commitment to customized, efficient, and compliant lighting solutions, GPS Electric ensures your plants thrive and flourish, unlocking the full potential of your horticultural aspirations.

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Horticultural Expertise

Our team possesses specialized knowledge of plant growth requirements, offering tailored lighting solutions that maximize yields and crop quality.

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Customized Lighting Layouts

We design customized lighting layouts that cater to your specific plant types, growth stages, and space constraints, ensuring optimal light distribution and coverage.

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Lighting Controls

Our implementation of lighting control systems, including timers and dimmers, allows you to regulate light cycles and intensity, optimizing plant growth conditions.

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Spectrum Tuning

We fine-tune light spectra to align with the unique light absorption needs of different plants, enhancing photosynthesis and overall crop development.

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UV and IR Lighting

We integrate ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) lighting when necessary to stimulate plant growth and manage pests and diseases effectively.

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Lighting Maintenance

Our routine maintenance services, including cleaning, bulb replacement, and fixture inspections, guarantee consistent light quality and sustained plant growth.

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HVAC Integration

We synchronize horticulture lighting with heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, maintaining optimal environmental conditions for plant cultivation.

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Client Education

We provide comprehensive training sessions for clients and facility personnel, empowering them to operate and maintain horticulture lighting systems effectively.

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Remote Monitoring and Control

We offer remote monitoring and control solutions, giving you the flexibility to adjust lighting parameters and monitor plant conditions remotely.

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GPS Electric's Commercial Construction Process

At GPS Electric, we understand that the journey to successful indoor gardening and horticultural operations begins with precise lighting solutions. Our Horticulture Lighting process is designed to work seamlessly with our clients, ensuring optimal plant growth, productivity, and energy efficiency. Here's a comprehensive outline of our process:

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