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Our Process

Horticulture Lighting

Our Horticulture Lighting process reflects our dedication to precision and client satisfaction. At GPS Electric, we are committed to helping you cultivate success with lighting solutions that ensure thriving, healthy plants and optimal yields season after season.

Project Initiation

Initial Consultation

We initiate the process with an in-depth consultation, actively engaging with the client to understand their horticultural objectives, plant types, and space constraints.

Lighting Assessment

Our experts conduct a thorough assessment of the existing lighting environment, evaluating factors such as light intensity, duration, and spectral requirements based on plant types and growth stages.

Design and Planning

Customized Lighting Design

We craft customized lighting designs tailored to your specific horticultural goals, ensuring that light distribution and coverage are optimized for maximum plant growth.

Fixture Selection

We recommend and install horticulture-specific lighting fixtures, including advanced LED grow lights and specialized technologies that enhance photosynthesis and plant health.

Code Compliance

We ensure that the electrical design complies with all local and national electrical codes and safety standards

Energy Efficiency Solutions

We prioritize energy-efficient lighting setups, incorporating LED technologies with customized spectra to reduce operational costs and environmental impact.

Project Management


We develop a detailed project schedule, highlighting key milestones and deadlines.


Material Procurement

GPS Electric procures high-quality materials and equipment from reputable suppliers.

Skilled Workforce

Our skilled electricians and technicians are assigned to the project, ensuring efficient coordination and execution.

Safety Protocols

We implement rigorous safety protocols to safeguard personnel, property, and the environment.

Quality Assurance

Our robust quality control process ensures that all work adheres to industry standards and meets our stringent quality criteria.

Construction and Installation

Wiring and Electrical Systems

We execute the installation of electrical wiring, circuits, outlets, and panels as per the approved design.

Lighting Installation

Our installation team positions fixtures strategically to achieve the best results.

Lighting Control Systems

We implement lighting control systems, including timers, dimmers, and automated controls, allowing you to regulate light cycles and intensity. 


For advanced users, we offer smart lighting controls for remote monitoring and management.

Spectrum Tuning

Our team fine-tunes light spectra to match the specific light absorption needs of different plants and growth phases, ensuring optimal conditions for photosynthesis.

UV and IR Lighting Integration

When beneficial, we integrate ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) lighting to stimulate plant growth and manage pests and diseases effectively.

Regular Inspections

Regular inspections are conducted to monitor progress, identify issues, and ensure adherence to the design.

Client Collaboration

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Proposal and Agreement

Detailed Proposal

We present a comprehensive proposal to the client, including project specifications, cost estimates, and timelines.


Contract Agreement

Upon client approval, we finalize the contract, ensuring clarity regarding responsibilities, timelines, and project expectations.

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Quality Control

Quality Checks

Throughout the installation process, we conduct rigorous quality control checks to ensure that lighting solutions meet or exceed industry standards.


We verify the precise alignment of light intensity and spectrum with your horticultural requirements.

System Testing

A thorough testing process is undertaken to verify the functionality, safety, and compliance of all electrical systems and components.


The entire electrical system is commissioned, fine-tuned, and optimized for peak performance.

Final Inspection and Client Acceptance

Client Walkthrough

We conduct a final walkthrough with the client to review the completed electrical work.

Client Acceptance

Client approval and acceptance of the finished project are obtained.

Project Completion

As-Built Documentation

Comprehensive as-built documentation, including plans and system details, is provided to the client.

Client Education

Our team provides comprehensive training sessions for clients and facility personnel, ensuring they can operate and maintain horticulture lighting systems effectively.

Final Documentation 

The project concludes with the delivery of detailed documentation, including lighting schematics, specifications, and operational guidelines.

Warranty and Maintenance

Provide warranties for workmanship and assist with ongoing maintenance and support as needed.


Emergency Support

Emergency support is available for troubleshooting and rapid issue resolution.

Ongoing Support

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Transparent Communication

GPS Electric maintains open and transparent communication with the client, providing regular updates and addressing inquiries or concerns promptly.

Change Management

Any scope changes or modifications are managed collaboratively, with client approval and minimal disruptions.

Timeline Management

We develop and adhere to a meticulously planned project schedule to minimize disruption to your daily operations or plant growth cycles.

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